Membership Dues

The club membership year runs from January to December of each year. Dues are due in January.

Dues are $25 for individuals. The rate for families is $30. Dues for individuals that are students are $10.

The club offers two options for paying dues, by mail and using PayPal, with an additional fee. Additionally, you may visit one of our monthly meetings and join.


The address below is only to be used for mailing in dues payments:

P.O. Box 1121
Gloucester Point VA 23062

Please make checks payable to MPARC and include your name and callsign. Also, fold a piece of paper around your check, so it isn’t obvious that a check is inside the envelope.

For new members, please fill out and include our Membership Application. If you use Pay Pal, please send it to the address above, or send it via email.


To use PayPal, use the form to the right. Note that the processing fee has been added to the dues amount.